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Pest Demise is a family owned business built on a reputation for providing the latest and safest pest control solutions across Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. Our small team of professional, fully qualified technicians offer the best service and advice for a price that suits your budget. 

Family safe and pet friendly pest control

The purpose of pest control treatments isn't just for keeping visible pests away from your home or business. The risk of pest-borne disease is an equally significant problem given that pests generally live and breed in conditions that we would class as particuarily unhygienic such as drains and sewers.

At Pest Demise pest control, we really care about our customers. Our primary concern is always your health and safety and the well-being of those around you. This, of course, includes your family, staff as well as your pets and the local wildlife.

We'll use our local knowledge combined with the latest technology and non-toxic, enviro-friendly treatments that are both safe and sustainable. Below are some of the methods we employ...



The leading platform in Termite detection


with Aways Active

Selontra® Soft Bait

Next generation rodenticide by BASF

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